Audioworks Thunder Bay
Sound equipment inventory Jan 05

Typical "A" Rig:

FOH Console:

Soundcraft Vienna II 40 input
Monitor Console:

ATL / Meyer Sound 32x12


6 mix biamped digitally processed amp
15x2" biamp Maki proprietary wedges
dual 15x2" drum monitor
3 way sidefills with seperate power


Turbosound Floodlight TFL-760H
Maki dual 15 bass cabinets

System blocks consist of approx
10,000w QSC amplifier power
driving 2 on 2 per side.

Up to 3 system blocks are available
at this time.



   Main FOH Rack
          - (2) Klark DN300 eq's
          - Behringer DEQ2496
          - TC D2 delay
          - Yamaha SPX 990
          - Yamaha SPX 90
          - Lexicon PCM60
          - (3) Drawmer 241 dual comps
          - Drawmer 221 dual compressor
          - Drawmer 201 dual gate
          - Drawmer 441 quad gate
          - DBX DDP digital comp/gate 


Shure B52, B91 kick mics
EV ND408 tom/instrument mics
Shure SM81's
Shure SM58's, B58's, 57's
Sennhieser 409's
Countryman 85 di's


40 ch 3 way split with
Whirlwind mass  disconects 
10 & 6 ch drop snakes


Maki dual 12x2" trap box
Maki 12x1" trap box
Maki 15x1"
Maki dual 15x1"
Maki single 18 bass bin


15x1" biamp/passive proprietary wedges
JBL Eon powered 15x1"
Yorkville 600M's
Bose 802's


Other equipment:   


DDA Interface 40 input
DDA interface 24 input
DDA Interface 16 input
Soundcraft 200sr 24ch
Allen and Heath GL2200 24
Allen and Heath Mix Wiz 16 (2)
Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12ch
Behringer 1804 8 mic input w/effects (2) 


       DBX 2231 EQ's
       Rane GE27 eq's
       Rane GE60 eq
       Symetrix 533e eq
       Behringer quad comps
       Behringer quad gates
       assortment reverbs and delays